Educational Child Care in Moncton

Your children are certain to learn and grow while under the care of Little Tykes Learning Center’s dedicated staff. We offer a variety of programs for children from 2-to 12-years-old in specialized age-specific programs. Our registration process is simple and our rates are affordable!

Learning and Playing

Our Little Tykes Learning Center believes that children’s learning experiences come through exploring and playing together. Each age group is provided appropriate developmental activities and challenges to promote learning and creativity. Little Tykes encourages and teaches 5 levels of development: social, cognitive, language, physical, and emotional. This occurs inside our classrooms, and outside on our playgrounds as much as the weather permits. When we are confined to the inside, the Tykes Tots and Little Learners can use the larger classroom and various gross motor props located in the lower level of the facility.

Our center implements The New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Childcare. It is a program where preschool children can enjoy learning in preparation for school. The children direct what they are learning through their interests. The four goal areas are: play and playfulness, diversity, communication, and literacy and wellbeing. What the children are learning through this program can be witnessed in various ways throughout each classroom.

Little Tykes Learning Center’s Classroom Structure

At Little Tykes Learning Center in Moncton, we believe that each stage of child development is distinct and important. Our classrooms are divided by age to best offer our students the care and attention they require as they learn, grow and play. Each room has its own personal washroom inside the classroom.

Tykes Tots (Ages 2-3)

This age group learns through play in all areas, including counting, numbers, colors, shapes, letters, measurement, fine and gross motor skills, language, sharing, listening, role play, art, sensory discovery, music, and encouragement to be independent.

Little Learners (Ages 3-4)

This age group continues the learning of the Tykes Tots room but is more advanced and in-depth to prepare them for kindergarten. Children in this group study geography, problem-solving, printing, sight words, mathematics, drama and much more. This is called our preschool program. Parents can choose to register their child for the full-day program or the morning-only preschool program. Little Learners also take part in a Yoga class once a week and incorporate French throughout the day.

There is a preschool graduation in June for the children going on to school in September. This is truly an exciting event for families and friends to remember for years to come.

Imagination Station After-School Program (Ages 5-12)

Birchmount, Beaverbrook and Queen Elizabeth students are picked up at their schools, and Saint Henri students are brought to our daycare by bus. If a child from another school has his or her own transportation, they are also welcome to join our facility for this program.

The children are allowed to participate in outside activities if the weather permits. Activities also include child-directed learning time, games, and playing with toys that promote learning. There are many activities that promote problem-solving, creativity, self-expression, discussion and other developmental skills. Time to complete homework is provided if the child wishes to do so and teachers are available for assistance.

In the summer, our days are filled with sunshine and fun. We explore the community with outings and excursions. Our motto is to be prepared every day as we never know where we are going or what we will be doing.

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